About me

Olá! My name is Eric Araújo. Currently, I hold the following positions:

My main work is with cognitive modelling of social contagion phenomena. In other words, I explore the ways people influence each other about their opinions, behaviour and perceptions using agent-based and temporal-causal models.

My contributions are mainly in cognitive computing, modelling and simulation areas. Therefore, the work I develop is multidisciplinary, using computer science tools to solve problems in areas such as public security, the spread of fake news, promoting healthier lifestyles, etc.

My PhD Thesis Contagious: Modeling the spread of behaviours, perceptions and emotions in social networks is available for download.

You can find my CV in Portuguese at Lattes CV and download my CV in English at this link (could be outdated). Also, my social networks in English are ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and my Twitter.

I’m working during the 2020 pandemic on a YouTube channel to divulge my work as well as teaching resources on Agent-based modeling with Netlogo. The videos are in Portuguese, but I have plans to create English content in the future.