International Journals Publications

  1. Understanding the complexities of Bluetooth for representing real-life social networks. Bojan Simoski, Michel C.A. Klein, Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo, Aart T. van Halteren, Thabo J. van Woudenberg, Kirsten E. Bevelander, Moniek Buijzen & Henri Bal. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 2020.
  2. Identifying Influence Agents That Promote Physical Activity Through the Simulation of Social Network Interventions: Agent-Based Modeling Study. Thabo J van Woudenberg, Bojan Simoski, Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo, Kirsten E Bevelander, William J Burk, Crystal R Smit, Laura Buijs, Michel Klein and Moniek Buijzen. JMIR, 2019.

Brazilian Journals Publications

  1. The virus and socioeconomic inequality: An agent-based model to simulate and assess the impact of interventions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Vinícius Klôh, Gabrieli Silva, Mariza Ferro, Eric Araújo, Cristiano de Melo, José Roberto Pinho de Andrade Lima, Ernesto Rademaker Martins. Brazilian Journal of health Review, 2020.

International Conference Publications

(Important: in Computer Science, conference proceedings are considered a terminal publication)

  1. A Social Network Model for Integration of Refugees. F. Paixao, D. Nikolopoulos, E. Fernandes de Mello Araújo. Simultech, 2019.
  2. Parameter Optimization for Deriving Bluetooth-based Social Network Graphs. Bojan Simoski, Michel Klein, Eric Araújo, Aart van Halteren, Thabo van Woudenberg, Kirsten Bevelander, Moniek Buijzen, Henri Bal. IOP 2019.
  3. Using Simulations for Exploring Interventions in Social Networks – Modeling Physical Activity Behaviour in Dutch School Classes. Eric Fernandes De Mello Araújo, Bojan Simoski, Thabo Van Woudenberg, Kirsten Bevelander, Crystal Smit, Laura Buijs, Michel Klein, Moniek Buijzen. Simultech 2018. [Nominated for Best Student Paper Award 🚩]
  4. Applying machine learning algorithms for deriving personality traits in social network. Eric F. M. Araújo, Bojan Simoski, Michel Klein. ACM SAC 2018.
  5. Detecting Dutch Political Tweets: A Classifier based on Voting System using Supervised Learning. Eric Fernandes de Mello Araujo and Dave Ebbelaar. ICAART 2018.
  6. A Temporal-Causal Model for Spread of Messages in Disasters. Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo, Annelore Franke and Rukshar Wagid Hosain. ICCCI 2017.
  7. A computational cognitive model for political positioning and reactions in web media. Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo and Michel Klein. ICCI*CC 2017.
  8. Exploring Parameter Tuning for Analysis and Optimization of a Computational Model. Julia S. Mollee, Eric F. M. Araújo and Michel C. A. Klein. IEA/AIE 2017.
  9. Explaining Changes in Physical Activity Through a Computational Model of Social Contagion. Julia S. Mollee, Eric F.M. Araújo, Adnan Manzoor, Aart T van Halteren, Michel CA Klein. CompleNet 2017.
  10. Social connection dynamics in a health promotion network. Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo, Michel Klein, Aart van Halteren. Complex Networks 2016.
  11. Online sharing of physical activity: does it accelerate the impact of a health promotion program? A. Manzoor, J.S. Mollee, E.F.M. Araújo, A.T. Van Halteren, M.C.A. Klein. IEEE Socialcom 2016.
  12. Analysis and Refinement of a Temporal-Causal Network Model for Absorption of Emotions. Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo, Jan Treur. ICCCI 2016.
  13. Analysis and evaluation of social contagion of physical activity in a group of young adults. Eric F.M. Araújo, Anita V.T.T. Tran, Julia S. Mollee, Michel C.A. Klein. ASE BigData & SocialInformatics 2015.

Brazilian Conference Publications

  1. Disconnecting for the good: A network-oriented model for social contagion of opinions and social network interventions to increase adherence to social distancing. Eric Araújo, Mariza Ferro, Gabrieli Silva. BraSNAM, 2020 [Best Paper Award 🏆 ]