Social Contagion in Web Media Research

Many researchers in the field of social science field have shown the importance of peers in the shaping of people’s opinions, behaviours and perceptions shaping. Social contagion is the study and modeling of the spread of these elements through human relationships, which is as vast and complex as our human nature is. The creation of models is enriched with the presence of data, more easily available in our times when people leave their fingerprints on web media, phone apps and internet browsing.

This research aims to develop models that can explain the spread of opinions, behaviours and perceptions in social networks. We are interested in creating complex models that can shed light on the dynamics of people’s lives. The body of work within this group contains many papers on the social spread of health behaviour among young adults, physical activity and healthy eating behaviour in children, as well as models that seek to unveil political positioning on web media interaction, and models for the panic spread.